Rational choices make
for practical and
unique products.


For more than half a century, we have been supplying yarns for garments to various factories and artisans in Japan and abroad.
In the process, we have found factories with excellent manufacturing technologies, introduced them to excellent fashion designers who are best suited to their needs, and played a role as a bridge until the products are completed.

However, this series of activities had problems such as surplus materials generated in the manufacturing process and unevenly distributed busy periods at manufacturing sites.

With the trend toward sustainable thinking and consumption based on environmental considerations, a more comprehensive way of thinking is becoming necessary.

In order to achieve this, people in production functions need to ensure appropriate production volume and stable operation of their sites. In addition, surplus materials generated in the production process vary in quantity and shape and are extremely difficult to reuse. In addition, if the tendency for people to value things and reduce consumption heats up, the opportunities to present really good new products will decrease and the function of the production site will weaken.

While facing these problems, we accept the signs of a gradual shift away from mass production and mass disposal as the way things should be.
At the same time, we would like to explore the possibility of establishing a cycle that contributes to reducing the environmental impact and improving the working environment through product development and contract manufacturing, utilizing our expertise in problem solving.